All Karobi’s Ghees are made from unsalted organic grass-fed butter, the root or spices they are flavoured with and nothing else. The roots and spices are all organic except for the rosemary which is grown in Karobi’s unsprayed garden. The ghee is double-filtered to ensure all remains of casein and lactose are removed making it suitable for those with dairy intolerances.

Ghee has a long shelf life of 6 months and can be stored in or out of the fridge. Ghee is grainy in texture when left to cool naturally but this can be altered by keeping in the fridge.


Plain Ghee

Karobi’s Great Taste 2023 3 star award winning traditional plain ghee , crafted only from organic grass-fed butter, simmered at low temperature for many hours in small batches until the milk solids have separated and caramelised, giving Karobi’s Ghee it’s distinctive delicious nutty, fudgy ” brown butter” flavour. Known for its health properties and used in traditional Ayurvedic practice for many centuries.

With a smoke point of 250C and no trans fats developing whatsoever, Karobi’s Ghee is perfect for all cooking, roasting, frying, BBQs as well as baking or just spreading and can replace butter or oil in any recipe, imparting a rich buttery flavour as well as providing health benefits.

Available in 225 g or 75 g glass jars

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Roasted Garlic Ghee

Made with gently roasted organic garlic, which is then filtered out leaving a clear golden ghee and ensuring no garlic solids to burn or raw garlic flavour. Sweet roasted garlic with fudgy nutty undertones from the ghee.

Use straight from the jar onto hot bread, into mashed potatoes, on top of veg, or anywhere you would use garlic butter, or fry, with it, roast, saute or use on the bbq. Makes the best roast potatoes!

Available in 225g or 75g glass jars

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Turmeric Ghee

Deeply vibrant yellow ghee, made with fresh organic whole turmeric root. Made not only for turmeric’s known anti-inflammatory properties, but also the delicious flavour and colour it imparts. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric is fat soluble, thereby making the ghee an ideal carrier of the goodness in the root into you.

Karobi suggests to maximise the bioavailability of the curcumin that you use the turmeric ghee with freshly ground black pepper.

Can be used for cooking in the same way as any ghee, also on rice, and potatoes, giving them a beautiful golden colour as well as a buttery turmeric flavour, or try making traditional Turmeric Lattes / Golden Milk or even spread on toast with honey! Highly recommended!

Available in 225g or 75g glass jars.

Ginger Ghee

Made with organic ginger root, and without bits to burn. Ginger is well known along with other health benefits, for its aid to the digestive system, so along with the grass-fed ghee, this is a great one to help your gut.

Karobi’s Ginger ghee is a great base for curries and stir-fries, stirring into dhal and cooking fish or pork with.

Available in 225g or 75g jars

Cardamom Ghee

Great for bullet proof coffees, curries and dahls and of course anything else you’d like cardamom flavoured!

Available in 75g glass jars

Masala Chai Ghee

Karobi’s special 7 spice blend based on chai tea flavours

Perfect for traditional Chai lattes

Available in 75g glass jars

Rosemary Ghee

The latest addition to the family of flavours, made with rosemary from Karobi’s unsprayed garden and of course without any bits to burn. Another great ghee for frying and roasting potatoes, meats, particularly good for the bbq , great for brushing your vegetable kebabs as well as meats.

Available in 75g jars.


Chocoghee is Karobi’s unique “spiced chocolate butter” based on spiced grass-fed ghee being given an intense chocolate hit ( organic and fairtrade) and sweetened with honey from a local beekeeper in the Cotswolds. Only three ingredients and the spices and no nasties means you can enjoy without guilt this indulgent spiced chocolate treat in a variety of ways, as a spread, melting over hot waffles or pancakes, melting and pouring over ice cream or dipping fruit into. Chocoghee works well as a butter icing with added icing sugar or can be folded into whipped cream for cake fillings and toppings.

Chocoghee can be stored out of the fridge and is best at room temperature.

Flavours currently available in two sizes, 150g and 75g

Choc cardamom A “Dark” chocolate flavour, complex and intense.

Choc ginger A traditional flavour combination balancing sweetness with heat

Choc cinnamon A chocoghee for those with a sweeter tooth with more honey and sweet cinnamon

Choc Masala Chai A heady blend of Karobi’s seven-spice mix, based on chai tea flavours sweetened to balance.